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first day

the first day of school…such a magical time. Getting back into the routine, being a year older, meeting new friends…this kid is READY for it. He loves school and would go every day if he could. He is so far from me in this category and I couldn’t be happier about it. He has been getting up early for the past several weeks in order to prepare for this day. When I was in school, I would sleep up until the very last second and quite honestly, I still do that. I am so proud of this kid for being responsible and taking pride in his education.

We are taking a HUGE leap this year by switching schools. Seth completed grades K-5 at Roosevelt and this year he is transitioning into the catholic school scene by attending Holy Family Elementary. He has really been up for the change and I am so thrilled that he is taking it so well. The uniform is obviously our biggest change and when we got in the car and he sat down this morning he commented ‘these shorts are so short’. He is used to wearing big ‘ol nike shorts that go down past his knees! The sad part is that the shorts actually fit, which is something he’s not used to. He looks so stinkin’ handsome all cleaned up and proper.

I tortured him with a few photos this morning…




There are no words to describe this sweetheart…her cuteness speaks for itself! Enjoy…


figured out

Just when I have this summer thing figured out…it’s about to come to an end and that makes my heart sink. Getting up early, dark days, routines and schedules, running from here to there and cold weather really brings me down. We stayed out last night til the sun went down and this was my last photo of the day. After I took it, I stood there breathing in the perfect air and reminded myself to remember the feel of it. I reminded myself to remember that moment so I could come back to it during those rough days of winter.


leon, carrie & kelton

While I LOVE every.single.session that I do, there is always one every so often that just comes together flawlessly. The light is right, the weather is right, the mood is right and the people in front of the lens make my heart melt. This little family is simply beautiful and Mr. Kelton…total heartbreaker. Here is just a touch of why I love this session…


never far behind

Brothers…such a special bond. Ben has absolutely fallen in LOVE with Seth this summer and he is never far behind him. He gets upset when Seth has to leave or when he’s not around. He follows him all over the house. And he gets so excited when Seth plays on the touch-pad with him. He thinks Seth is the coolest and wants to be just like him. We have really been trying to teach Seth to ‘be’ the bigger brother and teach him things instead of always fighting with him. We have been teaching him that being a ‘big brother’ is a huge responsibility. When we were out last night, I took notice that Ben was never far behind his big brother…


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