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Headed out for a few minutes yesterday…challenged myself to capture some interesting photos of the rain. I loved seeing the patterns and textures it was creating out here on the farm. And soon after a certain young man came by with his bright colors, boots and umbrella…he is never too far behind.



There are no words to describe this little lady…she is one of my all.time.favorites. Love her, love watching her grow, love her photos.2014-07-01_0003.jpg


Time flies when you’re having fun. I was reminded during this session that I have been photographing this girl and her family since the beginning of my business. It’s funny how you forget things like that because the years do go by that fast and they tend to flood together. This moment definitely made me realize how I need to appreciate my time more and those that have followed me throughtout the years of doing what I love. I love seeing kids grow up into their own and make it to that special senior year. This girl is awesome, down to earth and just fun to be around. I am so lucky to have captured these moments for her and I only wish her the best in this chapter of life.

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This kid slept til 10 a.m. yesterday. It was about 5 minutes before that when it occurred to me to go check on him. Bad parenting, I know, but who doesn’t love a little quiet morning time to themselves? I grabbed my camera as I headed to his room to wake him. I found him half awake with the cutest little bed head wing coming off the front. He was mad that I was taking photos of him, saying ‘I’m trying to take a nap’, but I continued on. These photos will be the start of Ben’s 4 year lifestyle photos. He turns 4 in a month and I want to be sure to capture the little details of him, like him in bed, waking up with bed head and not just the cleaned up smiling photos.


As he was jumping around, it dawned on me to have him stand by the photo above his bed. That photo is from his one year photo shoot. Interesting to capture the difference between the years. I only got to pop off one shot. He wasn’t having it, so I guess this will do.


And on a side note…I am loving these overcast, cloudy days. While I am a HUGE fan of summer, I am not a fan of 100 degree, sweaty weather. There have been some really beautiful skies lately and the blue of yesterday’s sky was nothing short of amazing.




I worked on this cute little guy today! And I have been sitting here the.entire.time trying to decide which of his family members he looks the most like. He is such a good mix of his sisters, mom & dad that I still can’t decide. I am SO in love with his cheeky smile. And he looks amazing in his hat. His mom borrowed the suitcases from a friend and I think they worked great as a prop for the outfits she chose. He smiled the entire first half and was sad and crying the second half…perfect timing to capture his little bum with some bears.2014-06-24_0001.jpg

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