I decided to take the big camera out for the carnival this year. I used my iphone last year and was super disappointed at the photos I got. I think about using my camera in these ways as practice for times that may come my way during a session.

We always attend the carnival on the cheaper bracelet night. This was an interesting year…the 12 year old was nauseous after the first ride and him and his friends walked around after that for 3 hours…money well spent. And the 4 year old rode all the kiddy rides until he found a buddy from preschool who told him how awesome the Zero Gravity ride was and proceeded to ride it three times. After 3 hours of rides, some cotton candy, a funnel cake, several sugary drinks and no ferris wheel, we headed home. It was a good night.

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This month I am attempting to tackle Ben’s 3 & 4 year album. I got started on it a while back…not exactly sure when, but it needs to be worked on because his 5th birthday is right around the corner. I managed to purchase the album and the project life cards I wanted to use and print most of his 3 year photos. I also got so far as to put the cards and photos together, but then I just stopped. Life, right? Get started on something, life happens and then you forget all about it. In preparation, I have gone back and printed the rest of his 3 year photos and added 4 year photos to the pile. I will have to print one more batch for the month of June and July to get it up to date but I will do that in August.

The one thing about Project Life is that it doesn’t have to be complicated. I can add the photos and the cards and be done if I want, but I pulled a handful of embellishments to jazz it up a bit. I like to stick with a few select products and work with only those items. It helps me stay focused and not get hung up on finding the ‘perfect’ embellishment. I will add journaling where it’s needed to tell any story I want to remember. And hopefully, I can work through it fairly easily and be done.

I will be posting updates to show my progress and share tips with you on the photos I take and what I actually print for my albums. Stay tuned…


I thought I would take a minute to ring in the new month and give a couple updates to what is happening here at The Creative Habitat!

July is JAM packed with events for my family and I…

*We are celebrating the FOURTH of July by attending the Wild West Fest Activities…we are so grateful that the city hosts this event every year. The kids love the carnival and Ed and I love the concerts! We always have fun and so look forward to it!

*Ben has a very special birthday…he turns FIVE! I can’t even comprehend that he is that old! I have a fun photo shoot planned for him that involves superheros and the best part is that HE is excited about it.

*We will be planning for the upcoming school year by purchasing uniforms this month. Yuck…I am not excited about that.

And things are super busy on the work end…

*I just finished up shooting a few JULY 4th minis and will be sharing them with you soon. And planning is in the works for more mini’s coming soon! Be on the lookout for those…

*I have several projects that I hope to complete this month, one being Ben’s yearly project life album and another related to my Esty Shop. I will be sharing my progress with you, on those, throughout the month.

*And lastly, if anyone is needing to book a session, please know that I have a few spots left for July! I am booking sessions for the rest of July and beyond and this can be done at any time! If you are looking forward into fall and are interested in booking, please know that it is never too late to book! The fall months fill up fast and I will only have a certain amount of spots available.



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